The HSG Foundation would like to thank all of its benefactors

Private individuals, companies, foundations: The University of St.Gallen was able to quickly implement strategically important projects and establish itself as one of the leading business universities thanks to significant donations. Many thanks to our benefactors for their commitment!

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How can I donate?

A monetary donation, donation in kind, donation in time or inheritance and bequest – any form of donation makes a contribution to the development of the University of St.Gallen. You can also donate online: simply select your desired amount and whether you want to support the HGS Learning Center or a specific project. We would also be happy to advise you in person in order to find a suitable way for you to get involved.


Please read the following document for donations from Germany or the USA .
Donations from Germany or the USA (pdf).

  Für Förderung via Direktüberweisung: acrevis Bank AG 9004 St.Gallen IBAN: CH06 0690 0017 9151 1031 0 BIC (SWIFT): ACRGCH22 Kontonummer: Clearing-Nummer: 6900

What you need to know

Why does the University of St.Gallen need donations?

Donations from third parties have played a key factor in enabling the initiation and implementation of innovative projects at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in its over one-hundred year history. Donations are an important supplement to existing basic public financing. They enable the realisation of additional research and infrastructure projects and student funding.

Will my donation be used effectively?

The HSG Foundation serves as a «trustee» of the entrusted funds, which it uses for the University of St.Gallen with due care, quality and effectiveness.

A donation from a bequest?

A bequest permits a contribution/donation in a person’s will in favour of legal persons or organisations without them having to be regarded as an heir. Please contact us if you have questions about legacies.

Can donations be offset against tax?

The HSG Foundation is a non-profit foundation as defined in Art. 80 ff.of the Swiss Civil Code (SCC). Donations can be offset against tax within the framework of the statutory provisions.

How can I deduct donations to the HSG Foundation from my tax?

The HSG Foundation is tax-exempt, so donations to the HSG Foundation can be taken into account or in other words deducted from your income tax.

The information has been compiled to the best of our knowledge but without liability:


  • Private individuals (canton of St.Gallen): Private individuals can offset up to a maximum of 20% of their net income against tax, deductible amount: CHF 500.
  • Companies: Companies can offset up to 20% of their net profit against tax.


  • Private individuals: Individuals can donate up to 20% of their personal income as special expenses. If this limit is exceeded, unlimited donations can be carried forward to subsequent years and then deducted from their tax liability.
  • Companies: When companies make donations, they can alternatively offset four-tenths of a percent of the sum of their overall turnover as well as wages and salaries paid in a calendar year as special expenses against tax.


  • Private individuals: The law stipulates that donations of no more than 10% of the annual tax base can be deducted.
  • Companies: Corporate donations can be deducted from the business assets (as operating expenses). Corporate donations are limited to 10% of the profits from the preceding financial year.


  • Private individuals: The maximum amount per year may not exceed 10% of their taxable earnings. Donations exceeding the total amount of 300 Swiss francs must be proven by means of receipts.

We send you a donation receipt once you make a donation. Note: All information is provided without liability.

Will I be mentioned by name as a benefactor?

We would like to thank all benefactors and also name them on the website as well as mentioning them in the HSG Foundation reporting. If you wish to remain anonymous, your request will be taken into account.

Your contact partner for your involvement

We would be happy to advise you about the various ways you can get involved and the areas of activity. We look forward to hearing from you. +41 71 224 39 48 /

Ernst Risch, lic. oec. HSG
Managing director


Many thanks to our benefactors.

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