The HSG Foundation would like to thank all of its benefactors

Private individuals, companies, foundations: The University of St.Gallen was able to quickly implement strategically important projects and establish itself as one of the leading business universities thanks to significant donations. Many thanks to our benefactors for their commitment!

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Mission, aims and impact

The aim of the HSG Foundation is to promote the University of St.Gallen in its development as one of the leading international business universities. It initiates and combines funding activities to realise strategically important projects for the HSG, thus contributing to assuring research and teaching excellence.

Areas of activity

Practice-oriented research and entrepreneurship

Digital literacy and learning expertise

Personal Meetings

Global positioning

Areas of activity


Practical research and entrepreneurship

The HSG Foundation supports entrepreneurship at the HSG as well as research, which develops business-friendly and practical solutions for the many challenges of future generations. It promotes initiatives, which strengthen responsible behaviour and a liberal economic order as the foundations of a free society.


Global positioning

The HSG Foundation supports the University of St.Gallen in seizing the opportunities of digitalisation.


Personal Meetings

The HSG Foundation enables people to experience the HSG campus as a meeting place – as formative experiences in their personal development – with charismatic personalities from research, business, politics and culture.


Globale Positionierung

The HSG Foundation supports the University of St.Gallen in its quest to attract global talent to St.Gallen. In doing so, it makes a contribution towards increasing the attractiveness of the HSG and the region as an academic hub for researchers, students and companies.


By october the donation level for the HSG Learning Center reaches 60 million Swiss francs.


In may the foundation stone is laid. The donation barometer shows 52 million.


The building permit for the HSG Learning Center  is issued in July. The ground-breaking ceremony takes place only a few months later.


The financing of the HSG Learning Center is well on track thanks to the encouragement of generous benefactors amounting to more than 40 million Swiss francs. The winning project has been decided: the architectural firm Sou Fujimoto Architects wins the competition and impresses the panel of judges. Going-live: the HSG Foundation gets a new website with a fresh look.


Speech by the benefactor partners for the HSG Learning Center of the University of St.Gallen.


The foundation sincerely thanks Wolfram Martel who is handing over the office of president to Dr. Paul Achleitner after 16 years of tireless work and great personal commitment. Important course of action: the HSG Foundation decides to realise the HSG Learning Center. The new board of trustees defines the four areas of activity in which the HSG Foundation will actively support the University of St.Gallen.


Extension of the University of St.Gallen on the Platztor and Rosenberg campuses: their modular master planning is completed in autumn. The financial autonomy of the University of St.Gallen is subject to new political regulations and laid down in the University Act.


Initial discussions with the governmental and cantonal representatives about the newly planned campus. Urs Landolf strengthens his commitment to fundraising in the HSG Foundation after his move from PwC to Wenger & Vieli.


Official rebranding: the HSG Alumni Foundation is now called the HSG Foundation and Michael Lorz is appointed Managing Director. Generous donation from the Ernst Göhner Foundation and from our Honorary Senators enable the acquisition and the expansion of the teaching building in Tellstrasse.


The HSG Alumni Foundation is to be transformed into the HSG Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to promote the strategic development of the University of St.Gallen in the fields of research and teaching. The foundation supports measures and projects related to the tasks and activities of the University of St.Gallen in the form of research and support contributions. One of these projects amounting to 100,000 Swiss francs is paid out to the «Ad Hoc» campus bar, which is run with great interest by the student body.


Election of Thomas Bieger as the president of the HSG and successor to the outgoing Ernst Mohr. Winfried Ruigrok succeeds Peter Gomez as dean of the ES-HSG. Alexander Burtscher hands over the office of Managing Director of the HSG Alumni HSG Alumni Foundation after two years to Daniel Bargetze.


The building at Gatterstrasse 9, which is home to the Löwenzahn Nursery, is extensively renovated.


Donations amounting to 9 million Swiss francs enable the construction of the Executive Campus. Participants at the executive school can now stay overnight on the premises. This makes the University of St.Gallen a campus university. Alexander Burtscher is elected as the new Managing Director of the HSG Alumni Foundation and takes over from Philipp Kotsopoulos.


Markus Brönnimann takes over as the successor to the former administrative director Markus Frank on the board of trustees.


New members of the board of trustees are confirmed: Markus Frank as administrative director, Ernst Mohr as president of the HSG as well as Alexander Herzog and René Käppeli.


Establishment of the HSG Alumni Foundation with the aim of promoting teaching and research at home and abroad. Founding members: Wolfram Martel (President), Wolfgang Schürer (Vice President), Urs Landolf (Treasurer), Bruno Bauer, Peter Gomez, Björn Johansson, Bénédict Hentsch, Christian König and Dorle Vallender.

Board of trustees

The HSG board of trustees – nine high-profile personalities.
The following personalities from the alumni and benefactors are members of the board of trustees of the HSG Foundation:

Dr. Paul Achleitner

President of the Board of Trustees since 20 January 2016

Chairman of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank AG from May 2012 until May 2022

Prof. Dr. Manuel Ammann

Vice-President of the Board of Trustees since 1 February 2024

President of the University of St.Gallen (HSG)

Prof. Dr. Tami Dinh

Board of Trustees since 12. Oktober 2020

Member of the senate at the University of St.Gallen (HSG)

Mathieu S. Jaus, lic. oec. HSG

Board of Trustees since 30 June 2020

President of HSG Alumni

Andreas R. Kirchschläger, lic. iur. HSG

Board of Trustees since 20 January 2013

CEO of the elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization

Dr. Urs Landolf

Board of Trustees since 7 May 2001

Delegate of the Board of Trustees, Honorary Senator of the University of St.Gallen

Dr. h.c. Thomas Schmidheiny

Board of Trustees since 20 January 2016


Georg F. W. Schaeffler, lic.oec. HSG

Board of Trustees since 20 January 2016

Chairman of the supervisory board of Schaeffler AG

Urs Wietlisbach, lic.oec. HSG

Board of Trustees since 20 January 2016

Partner, co-founder, member of the administrative board and chairman of the market committee of Partners Group Holding AG

«I am pleased to be able to take over the presidency of the HSG Foundation. My time at the HSG was decisive in setting my path in life and I would like to make a contribution to the development of my alma mater.»

Paul Achleitner

President of the Board of Trustees

«We are proud that so many well-known and experienced personalities were happy to commit to our foundation. The willingness to play an active role in promoting the University of St.Gallen shows the close ties with the HSG.»

Thomas Bieger

President of the University of St.Gallen

«It goes without saying that we want to give something back to our graduates and the university through personal commitment and funding activities. The HSG Foundation is a significant milestone for us at the HSG Alumni.»

Urs Landolf

HSG Alumni Präsident


Michael Domeisen

Managing Director
Phone +41 71 224 39 48

Sonja Fehr

Partnerships & Philanthropy
Phone +41 71 224 26 06

Charlotte Strohm

Communication & Events
Phone +41 71 224 39 47

Ann-Katrin Deecke

Finance & Real estate
Phone +41 71 224 78 28

Felix Hotz

Student employee
Phone +41 71 224 39 770

Alexander Heyde

Student employee

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