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The new HSG Learning Center is to be designed not only for, but also by students. More than 80 students are already part of the Learning Center Community, which will be actively involved in the design of the Learning Center in the coming months. Last week, the kick-off event took place.

What does it take for students to enjoy spending time in the HSG Learning Center in the future? A unique atmosphere? Many opportunities for interaction? Or simply a change from the daily routine of studying? All of these are correct, because all of the statements are answers from students themselves. And it is precisely these answers, ideas and suggestions that the Learning Center Intendanz team wants to collect and incorporate into the design of the Learning Center.

Communitybuilding and co-creation

For this reason, the Learning Center Community was founded, where students have the chance to contribute their own ideas and discuss them together as a community.  Afterwards, the students can actively implement their ideas and take responsibility themselves. During the kick-off event, for example, suggestions were collected for the semester topic under which the dialog in the Learning Center should take place during each semester. In addition, creative ideas were sought for the branding of the Learning Center, as the students should also play a significant role in shaping this.

Become part of the Learning Center Community

While the kick-off event still took place virtually and with home-delivered aperitifs, physical events in small groups are to follow this semester. In addition, the Learning Center will be represented at the START Summit and the St.Gallen Symposium and thus be able to present itself to students as a prototype for the first time. Interest aroused? If you have ideas about how the Learning Center could be designed and would like to contribute them, then become part of the HSG Learning Center Community now:

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