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Private individuals, companies, foundations: The University of St.Gallen was able to quickly implement strategically important projects and establish itself as one of the leading business universities thanks to significant donations. Many thanks to our benefactors for their commitment!

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Dr. Werner Jackstädt foundation supports entrepreneurship


Start-up funding


Thanks to the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Foundation, the “HSG Founder of the Year” award has been granted annually since 2011. The winners are made known to the public, which provides additional motivation for HSG students. We are grateful to the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Foundation for this funding.

HSG Founders of the Year 2011 to 2022

  • Raffael Wohlgensinger, Formo (2022)
  • Dr. Dorina Thiess, Piavita (2021)
  • Julian Teicke von wefox (2020)
  • Kilian Wagner, VIU (2019)
  • Valentin Stalf, Smartphone-Bank N26 (2018)
  • Lea von Bidder, «Ava» (2017)
  • Caspar Coppetti, «on» (2016)
  • Laura Behrens Wu (2015), «Shippo»
  • Alexander Graubner-Müller (2014), «Kreditech»
  • Johann Huber, «Soma Analytics» (2013)
  • Adrian Locher, «» (2012)
  • Alexander Ilic, «Dacuda» (2011)


Until 2021, the unique scholarship program of the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Foundation HSG offered students support in founding their own company. The HSG Entrepreneurial Talent Program of the Center for Entrepreneurship of Professor Dr. Dietmar Grichnik accompanied promising startups before and during their foundation. This was in line with the important concern of the University of St.Gallen to provide students with the greatest possible practical relevance in teaching and research. The startups supported since the beginning of the joint partnership with the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Foundation cover a wide range of different disciplines and industries. Many of the supported startups have become successful companies since the beginning of the program. Some have continued their entrepreneurial journey by other means, while others grown in the market. From FinTech, InsurTech, startups in the field of sustainability and in the social sector, in the field of fashion, education to MedTech and logistics, the just over one hundred startups funded since 2011 represent a broad spectrum of student entrepreneurship.



11 founders awarded.


Startups supported.


Fully financed.


Many thanks to the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Foundation for their outstanding support!

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