The HSG Foundation would like to thank all of its benefactors

Private individuals, companies, foundations: The University of St.Gallen was able to quickly implement strategically important projects and establish itself as one of the leading business universities thanks to significant donations. Many thanks to our benefactors for their commitment!

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Dr. Werner Jackstädt scholarships for young entrepreneurs


Start-up funding

The unique scholarships support HSG students in setting up their own company. The HSG Entrepreneurial Talents Programme run by Dr. Dietmar Grichnik at the Center for Entrepreneurship supports promising start-ups before and while they are being established. This means that the important tasks of the University of St.Gallen of conveying the maximum practical relevance in teaching and research to its students can be put into practice. The programme launched in 2012 has supported 26 teams of young student entrepreneurs. 17 companies were still active in the market at the end of 2016. The “HSG Entrepreneur of the Year” award can also be presented annually thanks to the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Foundation. The winners are disseminated to the general public, which also motivates the HSG students. We are grateful to the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Foundation for this donation.


8 scholarship holders in the autumn semester of 2016 / spring semester of 2017


Young entrepreneurs are supported.


Fully financed.


Many thanks to the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Foundation for supporting this unique programme since 2012.

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