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HSG Alumni entrepreneurship study


Further establishment of the entrepreneurial culture.

The promotion of entrepreneurship is one of the key research and teaching topics at the University of St. Gallen. Also the HSG Alumni – with more than 27,000 graduates from the HSG and one of the most active alumni associations worldwide – actively promote entrepreneurship at the university. The HSG Alumni association has therefore launched a large-scale entrepreneurship study to facilitate understanding about entrepreneurship within the alumni community. The findings from the entrepreneurship study should help to further establish the entrepreneurial culture among the students as well and is being carried out in close coordination with HSG Alumni and the university development department. The study is being conducted by Ivo Graffius as part of his doctorate under supervision of Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger
President of the University of St.Gallen

«We are proud of the many entrepreneurs among our alumni and alumnae. Entrepreneurial thinking and action has always been at the heart of the education at the HSG and an element of our Vision 2025. The entrepreneurship study should help to raise even more awareness of entrepreneurship at the HSG and also make the students more aware of it. The different forms of entrepreneurship, including social entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship, are important for us.»


We would like to thank the Lienhard Foundation for the valuable support of the project!

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