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HSG-Kolleg as a source of impetus

The University of St.Gallen (HSG) is a unique place of thought that has always produced application-oriented, cutting-edge research in close cooperation with practice. In order to become an even more diverse place of thought in social issues as well, the HSG is planning to establish a “Kolleg”, a so-called “University-based Institute for Advanced Study” (UBIAS). On the initiative of the rector, Prof. Bernhard Ehrenzeller, fellows from science, society, business and the arts will come together in the college for a specific period of time to jointly develop solutions and theses on selected issues.

Thanks to a grant from Prof. Dr. Josef Ackermann, the concept of the Kolleg was able to be tested in the summer of 2022: Following the St.Gallen Symposium, work was launched in three working strands, all of which are dedicated to the question of social cohesion. Trans- and interdisciplinary working groups St.Gallen Theses on “Social Sustainability” (led by Prof. Christa Binswanger and Prof. Judith Walls), “Citizenship & Statehood” (Prof. Christoph Frei) and “Future of Universities” (Prof. Oliver Gassmann). In the anniversary year 2023, the elaborated theses will be presented and widely discussed.

In the future, the Kolleg is to position the HSG on the map of universities as an impulse generator, as a place of reflection and discourse. It addresses the pressing questions of our time, makes the various scientific interpretations and approaches to solutions visible to a broader public and develops an impact beyond the region. In doing so, the Kolleg acts as a hub, a place of dialogue and exchange of experience between science, society, business and the arts. In other words, the Kolleg aims to contribute to the realization of the vision of the university as a whole.

The HSG-Kolleg is staffed by the heads of various research strands:
Prof. Christa Binswanger, Prof. Dr. Judith Walls, Prof. Christoph Frei, Prof. Oliver Gassmann. The project leader is PD Dr. Claudia Franziska Brühwiler. She will be happy to answer your questions about the HSG-Kolleg:


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Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Josef Ackermann! Because of you, the HSG-Kolleg is possible.

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