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Private individuals, companies, foundations: The University of St.Gallen was able to quickly implement strategically important projects and establish itself as one of the leading business universities thanks to significant donations. Many thanks to our benefactors for their commitment!

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HSG Learning Center


The new quality of learning

The aim is for the HSG Learning Center to be an innovative place to think and work, paving the way for new ways of learning and interaction between students, lecturers and people with practical backgrounds. The HSG aims to create a new quality of learning based on an educational concept in order to prepare students in the digital age in the best possible way for their professional duties at a later stage. The HSG Learning Center is seen as an ecosystem for the further development of the learning and teaching culture at the University of St.Gallen.

We are building the future of learning and teaching.
Webcam of the construction site of the new HSG Learning Center:

HSG Learning Center Webcam

Open Grid – Open Mind


A cosmos of interaction

Prof. Dr. Bernadette Dilger


The future of learning and teaching at the HSG

Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister


Your funding is making a valuable contribution to the progress of the University of St.Gallen and supports the development of new, innovative training concepts for the economy of the future. So far, more than 60 million Swiss francs have been raised for the HSG Learning Center. Many thanks! Three million francs still need to be raised.

We are counting on the commitment of alumnae, alumni, ambassadors and friends of the HSG, so we will soon have the missing funds together – this for the introduction and implementation of the didactic program in the HSG Learning Center.

Thank you very much!



Innovative learning and teaching for the digital age is developed in the HSG Learning Center.

Over 8,500 students benefit from the HSG Learning Center.

The costs of approximately 63 million Swiss francs are fully financed by private benefactors.


Clear words from those involved in the project: Prof. Dr. Marc Angélil (president of the panel of experts), Prof. Dr. Bernadette Dilger (expert providing the educational concept for the Learning Center) and Luca P. Serratore (president of the student body) – #3questions

Prof Dr. Marc Angélil, president of the panel of experts

Prof. Dr. Bernadette Dilger, expert providing the educational concept for the Learning Center

Luca P. Serratore, president of the student body

Educational concept

Digital transformation, artificial intelligence and process automation – the professional world of the future will pose completely new challenges for those involved in it. Core learning content must therefore focus on skills in the future, whereby people remain inherently superior. Logical thinking and problem-solving, social and emotional skills, advice and creativity. The HSG Learning Center provides the platform for this educational vision, which develops new and unique learning and teaching formats for the next generation.

«The HSG Learning Center will become a nucleus for the new learning.»

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger
President of the University of St.Gallen

«Personalities with responsibility today are committed to personalities with responsibility in the future.»

Urs Wietlisbach
lic.oec. HSG

Architectural concept

A continuous path of learning with functional resting places as part of the daily routine. Connected and unbroken

A stage for many activities, such as conferences, lectures or collective learning – multifunctional and flexible..

A democratic space with no hiding in which everything is easy to see, easy to find and easy to reach..

Greenness is mixed among the learners. Nature becomes part of the study environment. The activities connect indoor and outdoor space.

Floor plan

The new Learning Center has two upper floors, a ground floor and a basement with a total area of approximately 7000 square metres. The square proportions and flat floor permit a high level of flexibility and functionality for a dynamic learning environment. The architectural concept is based on the geometric grid, allowing a free interpretation of every room and the creation of organic processes.

Workshop and innovation areas

Everything flows together here in the atrium: as an open hub, the impressive room height provides a rapid spatial overview. The structural requirements for very different room concepts and applications both public and university-based – are already recessed in the floor.

Erdgeschoss - HSG Learning Center

Rooms for collaboration and rest areas

The cloister rises above the atrium and floods it with light. Spaces in between with lounges and small kitchen units provide freedom of movement while modular partitions respond to the versatile space requirements of panel discussions, lectures or examinations.

Erste Etage - HSG Learning Center

Concentration space

The media and reading rooms are places of peace and concentration. Light floods into the atrium from above and the view onto the terraces opens up the horizon to the outside. Individual work areas, discrete lounges for dialogue and smaller group rooms here enable focused learning and the planning of content.

Zweite Etage - HSG Learning Center


The architectural concept of the HSG Learning Center incorporates two elementary components: the grid and the organism. The grid provides a stable foundation for organic growth and the clarity at the beginning of innovative processes. The modular building concepts, which are acoustically and visually interlinked with each other, combine to form dynamic zones, creating space for adaptation, interpretation and combination.

Embedded in the landscape

The building fits harmoniously into its surroundings. Both physical and morphological interfaces were used to achieve this and the context of the region and town was taken into account. The excavated material generated during the construction phase was used to create small hills and reinforces the organic link between construction and nature. The greenery on the terraces, the connecting path to the HSG main building and the use of seamless materials emphasise the permeability of the building concept.

Spring, south-east side

Summer, north-west side

Autumn, north-east side

Winter, south-west side

Sou Fujimoto Architects

S ou Fujimoto (*1971) graduated in engineering sciences at the University of Tokyo. He established his architectural firm in Tokyo in 2000 and has been a professor at Kyoto University since 2007. He became more widely known when he won the «Architectural Review Awards», an award for emerging young architects, in 2005 and in the following three years. In 2008, he won the prestigious «Japanese Institute of Architecture Grande Prize». In 2013, he was invited to design the summer pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery in London as the youngest architect to date. In addition to many other awards, his office won the competition for the innovative Polytechnique Learning Centre at Paris-Saclay University in 2015. The architect’s firm with over 30 employees has also had an office in Paris in addition to Tokyo since 2016.

Sou Fujimoto on «Open Grid – Choices of Tomorrow»


Laying of the foundation stone HSG Learning Center


The construction work for the HSG Learning Center, but also the development of the didactic program is in full swing. The foundation is being laid for the learning and teaching of the future. With a livestream the centuries-old custom of laying the foundation stone on 28 May 2020, 11:00 - 11:30 a.m. was symbolically celebrated.

Ground-breaking ceremony HSG Learning Center


The ground-breaking ceremony took place on 6 November 2019 with numerous guests from politics, sponsors, the neighbourhood, students and employees - a highly symbolic celebration of this further important milestone. Using lights and a choreography by HSG students and staff, the ground plan of the future HSG Learning Center was depicted 1:1 on the area next to the library building.

Building permit issued


The building permit from the city of St.Gallen has been available since July 5, and was submitted on January 11, 2019 by the representatives of PPM Peter Projektmanagement, Burckhardt+Partner, Sou Fuimoto Architects and the HSG Foundation. The ground-breaking ceremony for the innovative building is expected to take place in November 2019. These two important stages are a sign of the good cooperation with the city and cantonal authorities.

Start approval procedure


The building application for the HSG Learning Center will be submitted on 18 January. The building visors on the area north of the library building will be set up and remain in place until the procedure is completed. They illustrate the different building heights. At the end of January, the building structure and its integration into the surroundings can be reconstructed on site using a 3D model.

Announcement of the winning project


The sixteen-member panel of judges chose the winning project for the construction of the Learning Center. They chose Sou Fujimoto Architects with the «Open Grid - Choices of Tomorrow» project. The HSG Foundation wants to achieve the full financing through donations and is on the right track. It would like to express its sincere thanks to the initial benefactors who have pledged around 40 million Swiss francs up until now.

Start of the architectural competition


Eight renowned national and international offices participate in the invitation process for the architectural competition. The aim of the Learning Center is to bring a structural, technological, virtual and intellectual infrastructure together, thus providing a home for new forms of learning.

Green light from the cantonal government of St.Gallen.


The cantonal government of St.Gallen sends positive signals to the HSG Foundation for the share of land required for the construction of the HSG Learning Center. The HSG Foundation can therefore begin the further realisation steps. The start of construction is planned for 2019/20 so that the HSG Learning Center will be ready for students in the spring semester of 2022.

Start approaching of funding partners

End of 2016

The HSG Foundation is committed to realise the HSG Learning Center and is starting to approach benefactors.

Quote from a benefactor

«Technological change, constant changes, progressive digitalisation, constantly changing problems not only require flexible, problem-orientated ways of working but also new learning methods and approaches. Students need to experience and learn at an early stage how to work in a changing, interdisciplinary team in a working environment where innovation, creativity and team spirit is reinforced, and not just at a later stage in their practical work. I see the great value and importance of the new HSG Learning Center.»

Michael Hilti, lic. oec. HSG

Initial and major benefactors

The HSG Foundation would like to thank all benefactors for their important and generous support, in particular Michael Hilti, the Hilti Family Foundation, Thomas Schmidheiny and the Wietlisbach Foundation. Benefactors in alphabetical order:

Angela und Manfred Dirrheimer

Fürst Hans-Adam II. von und zu Liechtenstein

François-Xavier de Mallmann

Monika und Wolfgang Schürer

Schweizerische Mobiliar Genossenschaft

Further benefactors

Katrin und Christian Abegglen

Gabrielle und Michel Adamina

Mirsolava und Markus Akermann

Franziska und Franz-Josef Albrecht

Aquila Florentina Asset Management AG

Barbara und Hans-Peter Bauer

Verena Bergmann-Zogg und Thomas Bergmann

Corinne Billeter-Wohlfahrt und Marco Billeter

Christina und Dido Blankenburg

Dorothee und Martin Blessing

Friederike Linsenhoff und Jan Bomholt

Dorothea Eichenberger und Georg zur Bonsen

Claudia Borgas-Herold und Stefan Borgas

Bouygues E&S InTec Schweiz AG

Patricia und John Brenninkmeijer

Dorit Karina und Karl Franz Bühler

Nicole Büttner und Alexander Thiel

Eugenie und Emanuele Centonze

Patrick und Barbara Deucher-Brändli

Nicola und Maximilian Dietzsch-Doertenbach

Claudia Süssmuth Dyckerhoff und Stephan Dyckerhoff

Ling und Christian Eggenberger-Wang

Dorothea Eichenberger und Georg zur Bonsen

Helen Maria und Christian Enzler

Executive Master of Business Engineering (EMBE HSG)

Annelies und Christian Fischbacher

Caroline und Christoph Flückiger

Gabriela Manser und Urs Fueglistaller

Paula und Pierangelo Gasparin

Stefanie und Oliver Gassmann

Gerda Techow gemeinnützige Stiftung, Vaduz

Bettina Hein und Andreas Göldi

Amelie und Pascal Gueissaz-Blohm

Hans-Ulrich Gysi und Katharina Gysi Ulrich

Harro und Christian Haberbeck

Bettina Hein und Andreas Göldi

Elisabeth und Klaus-Peter Hermann

Toni Hilti Familien-Treuhänderschaft  

Huwa Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG

Stephanie Mair-Huydts und Henrik Huydts

Brigitte Grossi und Pedro Kaiser

Stanislava und Alexandros Kakarakis

Caroline und Andreas Kirchschläger

Gabriela und Markus Kleiner-Joerg

Peter und Marianne Kleiner-Schläpfer

Charles-Louis de Laguiche / A&A

Guido und Pascale Lauber Schaufelberger

Franziska und Christoph Leemann

Friederike Linsenhoff und Jan Bomholt

Nicola von Lutterotti und Herbert Scheidt

Gabriela Manser und Urs Fueglistaller

Bertha Meyer Föllmi und Rudolf Meyer

Ivana Meyer-Kaluzova und Dominik Meyer

Jacqueline Moeri und Christian König

Cecilia und Markus Müller-Chen

Isabelle und Günter Müller-Stewens

Mirjam Schöning und Henrik Naujoks

Ruth und Jörg Niederer-Wick

Martha und Christophe Niquille

Christine Orgland-Schaad und Magne Orgland

Stéphanie Schmalz Ott und Marc-Frédéric Ott

Gulnaz und Yves Partschefeld

Jeanette von Ratibor und Corvey

Frédérique und Olivier Reboute

Anita Rüegsegger-Kern und Urs Rüegsegger

Thomas Hans Friedrich Sammer

Marie-Christine Dutoit Schalch und Markus Schalch

Nicola von Lutterotti und Herbert Scheidt

Cornelia und Ralph Schmitz-Dräger

Marjolein und Gerold Schneider-van Kooij

Irina und Rodolphe Schoettel

Amelie Scholl und Jonas Streule

Mirjam Schöning und Henrik Naujoks

André-Michael und Johannes Schultz

Silvio Seiler / Graphik und Design GmbH

Vorstand HSG Alumni Seniors Chapter

Andrea und Daniel Lewis Shindleman-Eberle

SHSG Studentenschaft der Universität St.Gallen

Stefanie Witte und Karl Skjelbred

Stämpfli AG, Rudolf Stämpfli

Jeannette und Markus Steiner

Dr. Fred Styger Stiftung für Kultur, Bildung und Wissenschaft

Giulia Negretti Tritten und Christopher Tritten

WALA Schweiz AG, Johannes Stellmann

Walter B. Kielholz Foundation

Janice und Andreas Weckherlin

Isolde Gattner und René Wieland Gattner

Nina und Alexander Winterling

Stefanie Witte und Karl Skjelbred

Sigi und Terje I. Wølner-Hanssen



January 2018: alma – alumni magazine of the University of St.Gallen, «The HSG Learning Center will become a nucleus for the new learning»

Press releases

21 February 2018: Press release «Japanese Architecture for the HSG Learning Center»

Booklet HSG Learning Center

29. August 2018: Booklet about the HSG Learning Center project

Additional Projects

Tellstrasse 2

Urgently needed teaching facilities thanks to donations