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International Foundation Grant


Actively support foreign students

The International Foundation Grant provides financial support for outstanding foreign students who qualify to study at the HSG in a rigorous selection process. They can afford the usual cost of living in Switzerland thanks to the scholarship. The grant was launched in 2008 thanks to a donation of over 1 million Swiss francs from the STARR Foundation. Thanks to the very generous bequest from Mrs Esther Lutz, which became the International Foundation Grant in 2016, around 100 additional foreign students can look forward to studying at the HSG.

You can find out more on the 2022 scholarship recipients here.



STARR grant holders come from 32 different nations.

63 students have been awarded a STARR grant since 2010.


Over CHF 500,000 have been awarded to students since 2010.

2019/20 grant holders

2018/19 grant holders

2010/11 grant holders

The first successful students to receive a grant at their graduation ceremony.

“The grant allowed me to approach serenely my last year of studies at HSG. Indeed, I could fully focus on my classes and benefit from the university’s outstanding services and facilities in my spare time. Furthermore, it allowed me to move abroad to gain practical experience and put in practice the skills developed at HSG. I am grateful for having been awarded with the International Foundation Grant.”

Aurore Yverneau, Student MIA Programme 2015/16

Outstanding students who receive support

Cathy O’Neill, Master Student International Law, Scholarship Programm 2019/20

I am honoured to be the first Irish recipient of the STARR International Foundation Scholarship at the HSG. As Ireland is an island nation, the paramount obstacle for students when considering studying abroad is the financial burden that it entails. Being awarded this scholarship has afforded me the opportunity to study a Masters of International Law at the HSG and has provided me with the tools to pursue my goal of becoming an international lawyer. This scholarship is a unique and insightful incentive to encourage and embrace internationalism and I am honoured to be called a recipient.

Akmaral Bolat, Master in Marketing Management, Scholarship Programm 2019/20

My name is Akmaral Bolat and I’m from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Currently, I am pursuing my master’s degree in Marketing Management at the University of St. Gallen. I am truly passionate about the field of marketing and its implications. This all wouldn’t be happening without the STARR Excellence Scholarship that I was awarded with. With the help of the STARR Scholarship foundation, I have the freedom of solely focusing on my studies and pursuing my dreams. I aim to pursue marketing management, bolstered by my entrepreneurial interests, to its rational conclusion: to further improve the economy of the country and develop new business markets. I want to focus on the discovery of my nation’s new markets and segments, and apply emerging theories and experience of my own, and my will to make the best out of me and my country’s great potential.

Yue Yin, China, MaccFin Programm 2018/19

The Starr International Scholarship has been tremendously beneficial to my study at HSG. On one hand, it has allowed me to focus on my study and benefit from extracurricular activities and events at HSG. On the other hand, it makes me feel recognized for my efforts throughout past years and boosts my self-confidence greatly. I am motivated to strive for future academic and professional achievements and justify the faith that the Grant has shown in me.

Lattipally, Lakshman, Scholarship Programm 2018/19

“It is an honour to be bestowed with the STARR Scholarship. The Scholarship enables me to focus on my study without needing to split time between part time work and study. Further, SIM is a challenging program, and being a STARR scholar motivates me to persevere and give my best even when the times get tough. Overall, the STARR scholarship improves my study experience here in St. Gallen, and I’m grateful for receiving the scholarship.”

Aurore Yverneau, student on the 2015/2016 MIA programme

Aurore is a dual-master degree student from Sciences Po Paris. Prior to starting the MIA Programme, she studied European Affairs. Aurore put a real emphasis on gaining practical experience both in the private and public sectors alongside her studies and community involvements. In between her two masters, she spent a gap year working in the public administration in France and Sweden. After completing her exams at HSG, she worked for the European affairs office of a multinational company in Brussels, experiencing governmental affairs in the making. Aurore then moved back to Sweden to conduct her master thesis research. She is currently working for a major international consulting company, focusing on digital innovation in the energy and utilities sector.


Many thanks to all benefactors.

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Urgently needed teaching facilities thanks to donations


Urgently needed teaching facilities thanks to donations