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The platform for digital transformation

The aim of START is to offer tools and platforms to be able to yield real change. They enable young visionaries to courageously deal with the challenges of our time and of the future. Creative entrepreneurs who grasp and comprehend the opportunities created by technological transformation as such.
The following goals play a decisive role in the strategic implementation:

  • The promotion of collaboration between business and technology.
  • The strengthening of the University of St.Gallen and the business location of Switzerland as a development centre for business and technological innovation.
  • The lasting impact of the digital ecosystem in Switzerland and the establishment of free and courageous entrepreneurial spirit.


START Global is run on a voluntary basis by 60 students.


More than 3500 participants attended the START events in 2022.

The participants 2022 came from 83 different nations.

Start Global

A strong organisation has become established at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) with START Global. The student union consists of around 60 members who are the driving force behind the initiative to promote Switzerland as an innovative location for digital change through extracurricular activities.

Founded in 1996, the association has shaped a new generation of entrepreneurs ever since who recognise technological change as an opportunity and as a tool to tackle the challenges of our time and to develop new answers for the future.

Read more about START Global.


The Start Fund operates as a strong basis in the background. It guarantees the sustainability and professionalism on which the START initiative is based. The unique Entrepreneurs Circle it organises is the reliable backbone of the measures developed by START Global.


The START Hackathon is setting new standards. Hundreds of participants from all over the world compete each year in St.Gallen and work together at the same time to develop the digital ecosystems of tomorrow. Completely new applications are repeatedly created in the areas of blockchain, AI, the Internet of Things and VR/AR by combining innovative technologies and businesses. The starting point is the real issues raised by our strong business partners. These include established international corporate groups as well as disruptive young start-ups.

The creative competition for ambitious computer scientists, engineers and programmers.

Read more about the START Hack.

START Incubator

Entrepreneurial visions become reality in the START Incubator. Students driving forward digital change find support here with the development and implementation of their entrepreneurial ideas. Brainstorming sessions, co-working spaces or all-encompassing development workshops: individually tailored development programmes exist here for every step of the way, regardless of whether an idea already exists, the start-up is established or the search for co-workers or benefactors is still in full swing.

Read more about the START Incubator.

START Summit

The START Summit with over 1,500 participants from more than 50 nations is the leading student conference for entrepreneurship and technology in Europe. Students, company founders and investors come together with a vision: to promote a new generation of entrepreneurs who can tackle the challenges of technological change as innovatively and efficiently as possible and take advantage of the opportunities of new technologies.

The next START Summit will be held in a hybrid format on March 24-25, 2022.

Read more about the START Summit.

«I invested in Equippo because I was convinced of their quality. That also shows how START manages to outreach to the best start-ups in the European ecosystem.»

Daniel Gutenberg, Super Angle Investor, VI Partners

«The Blinkers Team is fantastic, we met in March at START Summit 2016. We love their passion and dedication to the product idea. That’s why Zühlke has decided to support the company navigating the difficult waters towards a scalable and well-designed product – providing experience, network and resources.»

Dr. Patrick Griss, Executive Partner at Zühlke Ventures AG

«At the START Summit 2016 I had the possibility to talk to Alex from ReActive Robotics. Their business case is very promising and thus we invested in their series A investment round to further promote their development and expansion.»

Philipp Howaldt, Investment Director, at MTIP

Video impressions

Aftermovie START Summit 2022



Next START Summit

15-16 March 2018

The START Summit will take place for the second time in the OLMA exhibition halls. An event at which entrepreneurs, start-ups, students and many more can exchange ideas and information.

START Hack 2018

23-25 February 2018

400 participants from the world's best universities take part in the hackathon over three days.

START Coding Week pilot project

12-16 February 2018

The START Coding Week has taken place for the first time in February 2018. It is aimed at all students of the University of St.Gallen with an interest in a stronger technological affinity and increased digital literacy.

Realisation of the START Summit

24-25 March 2017

The START Summit 2017 took place in the OLMA exhibition hall. The event was a complete success: the 2000 participants included 955 students and 165 investors.


Many thanks to all benefactors.

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