The HSG Foundation would like to thank all of its benefactors

Private individuals, companies, foundations: The University of St.Gallen was able to quickly implement strategically important projects and establish itself as one of the leading business universities thanks to significant donations. Many thanks to our benefactors for their commitment!

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Tellstrasse 2


Donations create urgently needed teaching facilities

The HSG Foundation was able to purchase a building at Tellstrasse 2 in 2013 thanks to a donation from the Ernst Göhner Foundation. Students and employees moved into urgently needed and long-awaited teaching, learning and research facilities in the autumn semester of 2013. The building, located between the old town and the main railway station, has alleviated the acute shortage of space and improved the quality of education. 8,553 students were enrolled at the University of St.Gallen in 2017, leading to major overloading problem with a campus capacity of 5,000 places. The seating for an additional 290 students and 19 offices at Tellstrasse 2 help to alleviate this shortage of space. Tellstrasse 2 has developed into an innovation centre thanks to the newly established behavioural labs, trading rooms and the interactive, semi-circular classroom. Over 100 courses are held there each semester.
An HSG Honorary Senators Lounge was opened as a meeting, training and conference room in 2014 and has been actively used since then. The lounge could be built thanks to the donations from our honorary senators. The annually changing Art@Tell exhibitions, which were exclusively launched for Tellstrasse, arouse great interest from students and external visitors. We would like to thank all of our benefactors for their valuable support.The location of the building is intended to signal to the town of St.Gallen that the HSG wants a strong presence in the town.


290 additional student places


The Honorary Senators Lounge was fully financed thanks to donations

19 additional offices could be created

Room impressions

Teaching and group rooms could be created

Modern infrastructure helps to prepare students for the world of work

The common room is an inviting place to relax

The Honorary Senators Lounge is actively used

Blue lecture hall

Lecture hall in a modern design

Honorary Senators Lounge

A large 90 square metre, unused room in need of renovation could be converted on the top floor of Tellstrasse thanks to the donations from our honorary senators. This became established as a popular meeting place for a wide range of HSG stakeholders shortly after it was opened.


Many thanks to our benefactors, especially the Ernst Göhner Foundation, who made the project at Tellstrasse 2 possible in the first place with their initial donation.

Dr. Fred Styger Stiftung für Kultur, Bildung und Wissenschaft

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