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Private individuals, companies, foundations: The University of St.Gallen was able to quickly implement strategically important projects and establish itself as one of the leading business universities thanks to significant donations. Many thanks to our benefactors for their commitment!

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St.Gallen Collegium


Holistic solutions for major social challenges

In view of current world developments, the HSG wants to be the first business university to establish a collegium. Across disciplines and sectors, researchers from all over the world will work together in St.Gallen to develop solutions to pressing social problems and give us more orientation.

Together with our community, we want to take on even more responsibility. New structures are required for this purpose.

Special thanks go to our initial sponsors, who have believed in the project from the very beginning and have provided significant support:

Ria & Arthur Dietschweiler Stiftung
Rudi Bindella
Marc Bitzer

In our increasingly complex world, we are all looking for answers that give us orientation. In order to obtain holistic approaches to solutions, it is more necessary than ever for experts from different generations, sectors and backgrounds to be able to work together. Today, researchers lack the freedom to engage in this kind of co-creative collaboration. And universities lack the financial resources. The HSG wants to change this with the St.Gallen Collegium!

How? At a glance: St.Gallen Collegium

Would you like to learn more about the project?
Prof. Dr. Claudia Franziska Brühwiler, Project Manager St.Gallen Collegium,
is looking forward to hearing from you:  
Phone: +41 71 224 27 55

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The St.Gallen Collegium starts in 2025 | Interview: President of the Advisory Board Prof Dr Günter Müller-Stewens

Why do we need the St.Gallen Collegium? | Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann

St.Gallen Collegium: Hub between science, society, business and the arts | Prof. Dr. Claudia Franziska Brühwiler

The fellows

Eight fellows are set to participate in the collegium at the beginning of 2025.

We want to win over innovative professors who work together with young researchers from all around the world. We want to put together a diverse collegium and purposely bring people from disadvantaged regions to St.Gallen, to bring multi-faceted perspectives to the chosen scientific question. Personalities from the economic, political, social and artistic fields will be included selectively. The members of the collegium will be newly recruited every semester or year in accordance with the topic.

We would particularly like to thank our donors, whose contributions make a fellowship possible for the first three years:

Senior Fellowships

Senior Fellows are well-established professors and intellectuals with expertise in the Collegium’s annual theme. They are ready to engage in an interdisciplinary and solution-oriented project.

  • Ria & Arthur Dietschweiler Fellow
    funded by our initial donor Ria & Arthur Dietschweiler Stiftung
  • SENN Fellow
    funded by Senn Resources AG
  • Michael Hilti Fellow
    by HSG alumn and honorary senator Michael Hilti, lic. oec. HSG

We are greatly indebted to the support of our donors who are investing in the future of interdisciplinary research.

Hans Christoph Binswanger Fellowship

Our alumnus Dr. Josef Ackermann is particularly bound to the legacy of his doctoral advisor, Professor Hans Christoph Binswanger. He is thus generously funding the Hans Christoph Binswanger Fellowship which will be awarded to the winner of the prize given in the honor of Binswanger’s integrative approach to economic thinking. Annually, PostDocs can apply to the prize committee if their work has been influenced by Binswanger and is taking his legacy further.

Dr. Ackermann has previously funded the Collegium’s trial run in 2022 whereby he has contributed to our founding.

Junior and Early Career Fellowships for Researchers from the Global South

Junior Fellows are advanced doctoral students who wish to enrich their research through interdisciplinary exchange and contribute their expertise to the joint project. Early Career Fellows are already one step further in their career as postdocs.

The donor of the Junior or Early Career Fellowships does not wish to be named. Their extremely valuable contribution is used to finance the salary of two doctoral students or postdoctoral fellows from universities in the Global South for one academic year. The fellowship is primarily aimed at researchers from Africa.

Advisory Board

One task of the high-calibre advisory board is the strategic positioning of the St.Gallen Collegium. It defines the objectives of the Collegium, acts as a “sounding board” for the academic director and supports the further development of the format. It is also responsible for the final selection of the annual theme and the Fellows.

We are thankful for the commitment of the Members of our Advisory Board:

  • Prof. em. Dr. Günter Müller-Stewens, president of the Advisory Board
  • Roger de Weck, HSG alumn and public intellectuai
  • Arancha Gonzalez Laya, Dean of Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po, Paris
  • Dr. Andrew Holland, head of Stiftung Mercator Schweiz
  • Juergen Kaube, co-editor-in-chief of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
  • Stephan Steinlein, German Ambassador to France

In addition, all schools are represented in the Advisory Board thanks to the following faculty members: Prof. Antoinette Weibel (SoM), Prof. Martin Kolmar (SEPS), Prof. Christine Abbt (SHSS), Prof. Tereza Tykvova (SoF), Prof. Damian Borth (SCS), and Prof. Peter Hongler (LS).

«As a HSG alumnus, I feel most deeply comitted to my alma mater. Sometimes you only realise much later how much the HSG has shaped you and how much it has provided us with four our path through life. It is a great concern of mine that the HSG should continue to advance the limits of research in the future, too, and tackle the big questions of the time.»

Dr. Marc Bitzer
CEO Whirlpool Corporation

«With the St.Gallen Collegium, the HSG is going in an exemplary new direction: the forum will interlink and moderate experts from around the globe to deal with the most urgent issues – in an integrative and interdisciplinary manner. This departure merits our financial support!»

Dr. Rudi Bindella
Bindella Enterprises

«We are pleased to be able to initiate a further flagship project with the St.Gallen Collegium
and the Ria & Arthur Dietschweiler Foundation Senior Fellowship. A project which fosters an interdisciplinary and solution-oriented dialogue that is conducted in an open and unbiased manner has impressed the Board of Trustees and is in keeping with the founding couple’s wish to promote Eastern Switzerland as a location.»

Manfred Trütsch
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ria & Arthur Dietschweiler Foundation

«The Board of Trustees of the
HSG Foundation is convinced of the innovative capacity and strategic relevance of the HSG Collegium, and in the anniversary year of 2023 is actively supporting the fundraising for the globally unique project.»

Prof. Dr. Tami Dinh
Trustee, HSG Foundation

«Today, researchers at universities lack the latitude for such interdisciplinary teamwork. The universities do not have the public funds for it. We want to change this and, as the first business university, we want to explore new avenues with the St.Gallen Collegium, to assume more responsibility and make an even greater impact.»

Prof. Dr. Claudia Franziska Brühwiler
Project Leader, St. Gallen Collegium

«As an African, I was able to participate in the trial run with people from the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. I experienced a balanced and diverse representation of narratives and discovered a better approach to understanding the world through the Collegium.»

Israel Wínlàdé
Leader of Tomorrow ’22 and studten
Participant of the prototype summer 2022

«With the St.Gallen Collegium, the HSG is launching a unique project and embarking on a promising path, which at the same time is closely connected with its DNA: interdisciplinarity. It merits our support. The lighthouse should not only shine, but have an impact – on our community and on society.»

Mathieu S. Jaus
President HSG Alumni

«The future belongs to those who assume responsibility and intrepidly forge ahead. The HSG Alumni Beijing Club supports the St.Gallen Collegium, which will face this challenge and develop innovative solutions to the global problems. It is an honour to be part of this community, which puts its stamp on the future and makes a positive contribution to the world.»

Lucy Li, EMEA Partnerships
TikTok (ByteDance)

«We are pleased to be able to initiate a further flagship project with the St.Gallen Collegium
and the Ria & Arthur Dietschweiler Foundation Senior Fellowship. A project which fosters an interdisciplinary and solution-oriented dialogue that is conducted in an open and unbiased manner has impressed the Board of Trustees and is in keeping with the founding couple’s wish to promote Eastern Switzerland as a location.»

Prof. Dr. Christoph Frei, University St.Gallen
Participant of the prototype summer 2022

«The Ortsbürgergemeinde St.Gallen played a key role in the formation of the HSG – and the HSG as a centre of thought and education is close to its heart. The St.Gallen Collegium further develops the HSG’s social commitment, networks worldwide and offers new forms of interaction between the university and the city’s population.»

Katrin Meier
President Ortsbürgergemeinde St.Gallen

«The combination of thought & practice leadership is an essential feature of the HSG, which is given an additional dimension by the St.Gallen Collegium. The result is a centre of thought that reveals perspectives and thus has an impact on society.»

Prof. em. Dr. h. c. Wolfgang Schürer

«The St.Gallen Collegium strengthens the HSG and our region as a centre of thought. We support the Collegium because it places major social challenges at the core of its work and aims to develop solutions across disciplines and sectors.»

Johannes Senn
SENN Resources

«By supporting the St.Gallen Collegium, the St.Gallen Cantonal Bank is contributing to the further development of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) for a strong business location and centre of thought in St.Gallen.»

Dr. Christian Schmid
CEO St.Gallen Cantonal Bank

«It was with great pleasure that I studied in St.Gallen and I would like to show my gratitude towards the HSG for giving me a fantastic education. I enjoyed every moment of my studies in and outside of the HSG. It was a time in general and for me in particular, very much influenced with ‘Prognosen, Tendenzen und Szenarien’, thus  ‘the Future’. In this connection I would like to show my support for the St.Gallen Collegium by making a generous donation. Will you also join in and contribute?»

Dr. James F. R. Sieper

The prototype

Thanks to a grant from Prof. Dr. Josef Ackermann, the concept of the collegium could be tested in the summer of 2022: Following the St.Gallen Symposium, work was launched in three work streams, all dedicated to the issue of social cohesion, respectively. Trans- and interdisciplinary working groups St.Gallen Theses on “Social Sustainability” (led by Prof. Christa Binswanger and Prof. Judith Walls), “Citizenship & Statehood” (Prof. Christoph Frei) and “Future of Universities” (Prof. Oliver Gassmann). On September 16, 2023, the theses developed will be presented and widely discussed at the symposium on “Future of Universities, of Learning, Work & Research”.

Thank you very much Prof. Dr. Josef Ackermann for making this prototype possible!

Thank you very much Prof. Dr. Josef Ackermann for making this prototype possible!

Thank you very much Prof. Dr. Josef Ackermann for making this prototype possible!

Thank you very much Prof. Dr. Josef Ackermann for making this prototype possible!

Thank you very much Prof. Dr. Josef Ackermann for making this prototype possible!

The funding

The University of St.Gallen needs three million Swiss francs as basic funding for three years to realize the St.Gallen Collegium. The unique, interdisciplinary research exceeds the basic offer of the HSG. For this important and urgent project, the University of St.Gallen depends on your support. Support the St.Gallen Collegium with your donation now!

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Ria & Arthur Dietschweiler Stiftung

Monika und Wolfgang Schürer

Further benefactors

Altherrenverband der AV Mercuria San Gallensis

Maria del Carmen Hügin Birrer und Stefan Birrer

Claudia Franziska Brühwiler Häusermann

Bernhard Ehrenzeller und Sabine Kofmel Ehrenzeller

Elmenhorst Vertriebs GmbH + Co.

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